New National Study Says Background Checks on All Gun Sales Will Prevent Gun Violence

by Free Speech on September 15, 2009

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Lodi, WI

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort:  The State Legislature’s Failure to Close the Existing, Gaping Loopholes Amounts to a State-Sanctioned “Guns For Criminals Program”

(Milwaukee, WI) – A landmark study released today by the UC Davis, Violence Prevention Research Program adds to the growing body of research that concludes that requiring regulation of all gun sales will prevent gun violence.  According to Garen Wintemute, MD, MPH, the author of the national report, Inside Gun Shows: What Goes on When Everybody Thinks Nobody’s Looking, “the leading proximate source of crime guns is the private sales market. More than 85% of recovered crime guns have gone through at least one private party transaction following their initial sale by a licensed retailer.”

(Use the following link to see the full report, including hundreds of undercover photographs from gun shows in Milwaukee, Waukesha and elsewhere:  The comprehensive study includes observations from 78 gun shows in 19 states between 2005 and 2008.)

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort praised the study and said that the state legislature cannot continue to ignore all the mounting evidence and compelling data.  To prevent gun violence and save lives, it needs to enact a law requiring a criminal background check on all gun sales.

“Currently in Wisconsin, our state’s gaping loopholes amount to a ‘guns for criminals’ program,” said Jeri Bonavia, Executive Director of WAVE.  “Today’s study shows that there is an effective way to prevent gun violence.  Now, the Wisconsin legislature needs to take action.  If they pass a law requiring criminal background checks prior to all gun sales, they will prevent gun violence, and they will save lives.  However, if they continue to do nothing, they will be guarantying that high-risk individuals, like felons, will continue to have easy access to guns:  In essence, they’ll be saying that they just don’t care that 450 Wisconsinites are killed with guns every year. Our state lawmakers simply must find the political will to enact a sensible background check requirement for all gun sales; it really is that simple.”

According to a statewide poll, nearly 85% of Wisconsin’s likely voters, including 70% of our NRA members and supporters, are in favor of background checks on all gun sales.

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