Lorenz Calls For Healthcare Reform

by Free Speech on July 29, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

Dear Editor,

Last Saturday over 2000 people marched from the Library Mall to the Capital to rally behind health care reform.  Many speakers, including our representative, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin spoke to the crowd.  Did the Wisconsin State Journal cover this rally?  No.  Did the WSJ cover the ‘tea baggers’ several months ago?  Front page article and color photo!  Darn that liberal press!

Marcia Riquelme from ‘Organizing for America” was there as witness and rallyer.  She has also been invited to speak at the August meeting of the Columbia County Democrats on Saturday August 22nd.  Mark your calendars to attend, and more details will follow.  Marcia is an enthusiastic volunteer with sincere ideas about how to increase participation in this democratic process we call America.

Also, if you are familiar with the great Progressive talk radio station in Madison, the MIC 92.1 fm, you’ve heard progressive host Thom Hartmann’s brand of excellent intelligence in broadcasting.  Thom’s live radio show will be broadcast from the Barrymore Theatre on Madison’s east side on Friday August 21st from 11am to 2pm.  Tickets are only $7 and are available now at 608.241.8864 or www.barrymorelive.com.  The show will include Thom’s popular 1st hour ‘Breakfast with Bernie’–Vermont’s Sen.Bernie Sanders (I) answering audience questions by phone.

NOW is the time to weigh in with all players in Washington D.C. on health care reform and a proposed public option plan that Republicans are rejecting.  If you have not called at least 5 senators and 5 representatives this past week, double up this week!  Now is not the time for support to fade.  Folks, the US of A is ranked 37th in health care in the world by the WHO, just above Slovenia.  There is no reason for this except that the insurance and pharma lobbyists are spending $1.5 million+ daily to lobby against reform.  We need to take our health care options back from big business, and help this new administration achieve its health care goals.  NOW IS THE TIME, CITIZENS!

Lyn Lorenz

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