Lodi’s Great Pumpkin Contest Launches At Farmers Market

by Free Speech on May 12, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Great Pumpkin Contest

Lucky Friday the 13th for YOU!!

Is “Lodi’s great pumpkin” in your seed packet? On Friday the 13th stop by the market barn to pick up your free packet of pumpkin seeds to enter “Lodi’s great pumpkin” contest. We provide the seed, you provide the skill and the soil and in fall we’ll see who grew the heaviest and the largest diameter pumpkins. No more rules than that.

The competition will be great fun. With a little guidance, a 4 year old can plant the seeds and watch them grow. With the experience of 60 years of gardening, a senior can have an equal chance. 150 middle school ag students, under the direction of ag teacher Michelle Maier, will be contestants as well. If all is fair in love and war, all is more than fair in pumpkin growing.

Lodi’s famous yellow daffodils had a really hard time this spring because of weather. Maybe this fall we’ll turn Lodi orange with pumpkins…to eat and to decorate.

Jack in the bean stalk had his magic beans, but in Lodi we’ve got pumpkin seeds with more than magic.

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