Lins Still Making a Difference Twenty Years Later

by Free Speech on July 13, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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by Laura Olah

It has been exactly 20 years since the U.S. Army first reported that drinking water wells serving three homes south of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant were polluted with carcinogenic solvents – a solemn anniversary that also marks the beginning of 20 years of community service by Ken Lins.

In 1990, testing by the U.S. Army found that the well of Ken and his wife and mother contained the highest level of contamination.  Levels of carbon tetrachloride were measured at 80 parts per billion – more than 13 times greater than the state’s recommended safe level of only 6 parts per billion. Contaminants found in their well can cause cancer and other illnesses in humans depending on the amount and duration of exposure.  Army officials informed the Lins family that their well water had likely been contaminated for more than 15 years by toxins from a munitions burning site more than a mile away.

Today, two decades later, Ken continues his work to assure that no other families are unknowingly exposed to contaminated drinking water.  He has been a leader in our community and in Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger – an organization that he helped found and that is now nationally known for its work on military toxics issues.  For more than 19 years he has served on the Badger Environmental Board of Advisors – a community-based board that has been effective in pressing for the best possible cleanup of the closing military base.  Ken also represented CSWAB on the Badger Reuse Committee which was responsible for developing a reuse plan conserving the former Badger lands for wildlife habitat, recreation, and sustainable agriculture.

Today is an opportunity for our community to say thank you.  We are grateful and indebted to Ken for his volunteer service to all of us to help assure that future generations will enjoy an environment that is clean and free of military toxins.

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