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by Free Speech on October 20, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Peg Zaemisch

Peeksville neighborhood full of dear neighbors

My neighbors come over all the time. They just show up. I am not expecting company, I haven’t invited anyone over, but there they are.
Even early in the morning, when I am not really thinking I’d have any guests! I mean it seems like it is barely light and here they come. Sometimes, I just drive into the driveway in the evening and imagine that! They’re back. I am as neighborly as the next person, but sometimes you have to wonder about new neighbors that would feel so comfortable with you that they don’t worry about the timing of their visits or even the length.
Sometimes their visits go on and on. They don’t seem to be worried about what I am doing or about getting on with the rest of their day.
I like them; I really do, and would be remiss not to mention right off that they are a lovely family. They look so much alike and they all are blessed with the most striking dark eyes. I truly admire their coloring, it is so well, soft and natural, boy, no cosmetics needed in that family.
But, I can tell you that over the years, I’ve had neighbors that have been a bit intrusive (one who came with her own coffee pot) but, these fellow Peeksville neighborhood residents don’t seem to have a clue about common social graces.
At first, there was just one who’d come over pretty regularly, then pretty soon, another friendly family member came along and next there were three (can you imagine the gall?) and sometimes even four.
And eat! These neighbors can really eat. I don’t mind really; if you’re hungry go ahead. But, sheesh, they can eat for a solid hour and barely look up.
You really never know when they’re leaving either. You might think they’re settling in for a long visit and all of a sudden they jump up and off they go. It can be a bit disconcerting, I must say.
I mean I try to be a gracious host. I take time to sit down and pay attention when they’re around. It’s not like I keep running the vacuum or ignore them in anyway. I make a special effort to sit and hold my puppy Ivy on my lap and even as improper as she can be, she also pays extremely close attention with her teensy tail wagging.
We don’t really get much else done, when they’re around. I want to get along with my neighbors and I do enjoy their visits, but beyond the fact they come unannounced, early and late, the most annoying thing is their aversion to making eye contact.  Look them right in the eye? I don’t think so.
I will sit and specifically stare right into their faces and they act kind of nervous and twitch and look down or out across the back field, but never into my eyes. What are they hiding? It makes me not want to trust them. I feel like I can’t get to know them very well if we can’t cross that bridge.
And quiet? Can’t get a word out of them. Once in a while, a loud snorting. Like there is some language between them that I can’t understand. I just want to be friends, but snorting? What can a person do when snorted at? Join in? Snort back? If you can’t speak English, well I am not quite sure how to communicate.
That flip of the big white tail when they leave is hard to evaluate as well. What? They come over, eat all my clover, distract me from my chores, and won’t even give me so much as a nod and then all of sudden phew! They’re gone. Haughty, wouldn’t you say?
I feel a bit misaligned. What did I do? For the record, I am blessed that my neighbors who live right next door are so much more pleasant. They are in fact they are the epitome of good neighbors. They’ve helped me carry heavy stuff, brought me tomatoes and fresh fish and even warm goodies from the oven … and they don’t come over near often enough. I love to see them. They’re absolutely great.
The aforementioned group of neighbors, the ones with the big ears – well I am not sure what is up with them, but I wish there was some way I could remind them that it is the DNR that will not allow me to put out some corn. I am not being cheap. The clover and the peace and quiet to enjoy their dining is all I can offer. They needn’t be so rude and flip me off (so to speak) and bound off into the forest without a word.
I know the hunting seasons are going to be opening soon and I know the population must be controlled or next year I’ll have 15 neighbor deer milling around in the backyard, but geez, what can I say? They are my neighbors. I wish them well.

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