Letter To The Editor……Fisk’s Beer Sign Fiasco……

by Free Speech on February 14, 2014

Lodi, WI~

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Letter to the editor…by gary n-ski


“From the land of sky blue waters”  was the jingle I remember as a kid. “Hamms the beer refreshing”  made me as an eight year old long to sneak into a local pub and slam a shot and a Hamm’s.  You’ve got to be kidding me Mr. Fisk.Hamms Beer  I’ve been travelling a lot on assignments this past year so I haven’t kept up with news from duckville and the home of the $2.1 million hot-tub/pool.  But now I discover upon returning, local government trying to again legislate morality and regulate businesses by removing beer and tobacco advertising graphics …..Mr. Fisk you’ve had a history of vendettas against the culture of alcohol. You were recently quoted saying that Wisconsin has a drinking culture that needs to change…..So let me get this straight, your great vision is to through government intervention , change a culture?   Please my Puritan friends get on a bus head East for Plymouth MA……get back on the Mayflower and go home…….Oh by the way the issue of alcohol and its abuse should be discussed at your families dinner tables….Not on wasting taxpayer paid utilities keeping the lights on in city hall for ridiculous government mandate meetings. I just remembered Mr. Fisk how did that “Prohibition” thing work out in the last century? Oh My God are we next going to ban chickens and charcoal grills in Lodi?


Gary Nowobielski

Town of Lodi

City of Lodi business owner

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