Highway V Improvements Meeting Scheduled

by Free Speech on October 6, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Martha Dodge Alberti

On Tuesday the County Highway Commissioner, Kurt Dey and the consultant from Ayres, Eric Sorenson presented an update to the Town of Lodi Board on the proposed improvements to Highway V.  The final decision on the project will be made by the Columbia County Transportation Committee meeting in Wyocena, on October 29th.

They are still presenting all 4 options for the intersection of Hwy V and STH 113
·       A1 – V stays in the current alignment, aligns Shamrock Rd / Old Sauk intersection and reconstructs STH 113 crest curve at a cost of $2,340,000
·       A2 – Maintains offset of Shamrock Road/Old Sauk Rd. intersection – reconstructs STH 113 crest curve at a cost of $2,100,000
·       B1 – Route Hwy V onto Shamrock Rd. at existing location – STH 113 bypass and turn lanes only at a cost of $1,080,000
·       B2 – route Hwy V onto Shamrock Rd south of existing location – includes STH 113 sag curve reconstruction at a cost of $1,220,000
·       C1 – reconstruct Old Sauk Road RR crossing at a cost of $950,000
The way I understand it, if they do either B1 or B2 they will need to also do C1 so the costs of routing down Shamrock Rd is actually $2,030,000 for B1 and $2,170,000 for B2.  C1 is not necessary for options A1 or A2.

In the presentation, they told us that some of the “musts” are:

  • Bike and pedestrian accommodations – I take that to mean sidewalks
  • Vertical face curb – that is the regular high curb you see in cities, not the sloping kind you can drive over
  • Marked parking lanes
  • Bridge clearance will be increased by approximately 6 inches
  • The bridge will be moved to the north to straighten out the “dog-leg” bend in the road from Rapp Rd. through Okee to the curve.

Things that sound likely to happen are:

  • Parking on both sides of the road through Okee
  • Summerville to Red Cedar will have parking on the hill side of the road with terraces and sidewalk
  • Curb around the curve past Red Cedar
  • From that curve to the intersection with Hwy J the road will be replaced with a 7’ shoulder – 5‘ will be paved

When questioned about runoff they said they are working with the DNR and “looking at alternatives”.  They told us that they will at least meet “minimum requirements”. If you are interested in more information their contact at the DNR is Ron Grasshoff , Ronald.Grasshoff@Wisconsin.gov or phone (608) 275-3481 .

There are only funds available for the planning and design work on this project at this time.  They plan to complete all plans and design so it is ready to start immediately when funding comes available.  They expect to get Federal funding for 80% of the project, leaving 20% for local county funding.  The earliest construction could begin is 2012.

An interesting point: The bridge has a remaining useful life of 25 years subject to necessary re-decking which would cost about $120,000.00. Cost to replace the bridge is $360.00.00 .These figures and info was provided by Dave of Ayres after the last meeting. The time frame for both options is 2 ½ months if done as one phase, which means closure of bridge for that time. To use the bridge during construction or bedecking will double the time frame to 5 months and increase costs by $120,000.00. Which option would everyone prefer?

There is still time to let the county, town and the consultant know your thoughts.  They assured us they were still reading and taking our suggestions under consideration. It’s almost over!  We have one last chance to let them know.  Call or write. They are elected officials.  They need to know how you feel on this issue.

Andy Ross, Chairman of the Highway Committee
744 South Main Street
Poynette, WI 53955
(608) 635-7373

Neil M. Ford, Town of Lodi , Supervisor
W11030 N Lake Point Dr .
Lodi, WI 53555
Debra L.H. Wopat, County Chair
Home Address:
N5760 W. Hill Road
Rio , WI 53960
(920) 992-3109

Kurt Dey, Highway Commissioner
338 West Old Hwy 16
PO Box 875
Wyocena WI 53969

John Pickle, Town of Lodi , Chairman
Ayres Associates
Eric Sorensen , PE, Project Manager
3433 Oakwood Hills Parkway
Eau Claire , WI 54701

Remember, the decision will be made at the Highway Committee meeting on October 29th.

I hope we can retain the rural feel of Okee. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me.  Thanks for your interest and input.

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