Hack Chat with Tracy Sachtjen, Fifth Player of the USA Women’s Olympic Curling Team

by Free Speech on February 16, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

February 13th, 2010 ~ Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

The days are flying by and I haven’t had time to fill you all in.

The US Men's and Women's Olympic Curling Teams pose for this photo with Vice President and Mrs. Biden

Friday the day of Opening Ceremonies was a whirlwind.   We had the day off of curling practice, but had a great workout in the morning and a nice lunch before we had to get ready.   We had to be dressed in our opening ceremony attire and ready to go by 1PM.     We all met up to go on our first excursion for the day in the parking lot – all you could see is a sea or red, white and blue.   That is when I spotted Snowboarder Shaun White and made sure that I had a picture taken with him, for my kids.    Then we hopped on buses and were headed to meet the Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, Gold Medalist Olympians Vonetta Flowers –2 man Bobsled, Peggy Fleming – Figure Skater and Mike Eurizone – Hockey player.   Vice President Biden congratulated us on representing the USA and sent us good luck wishes and a go USA speech.    Each sport then had there picture taken with Vice President Biden and Jill. (See below)

Then we were off to the arena where all the athletes from all the countries had to get organized in alphabetical order to get ready to enter in the Vancouver BC Place for the ceremony.    Being at the end of the order, it took a while before we actually got in line, when we did get in line, we were all excited chanting USA, while other countries were chanting back, and this went on for quite awhile.   It was nice to meet athletes from the all the other sports, find out when they compete and tell them you will be cheering them on either in person or by television..     When we were getting closer to the entrance to the Ceremony, it got louder and louder, all you could hear was the chanting of USA, USA, plus you could feel all the energy that was coming from us and in the BC Place.   When we got to the entrance we had to stop and then you could hear them announce the United States of America, it sent chills down my spine and then the crowd was wild and we made our entrance, waving, jumping up and down with a big smiles on our face.    We marched around the stage waving with joy and then made our way to our seats.    The ceremony was breathtaking at times, there was sorrow for the athlete that passed away earlier that morning from a luge accident, then there were many moments that I was in “awe” of the show and when the torch came into the BC Place, especially with Olympian Wayne Gretzky and when the flame was lit, it still gives me chills.    After the ceremony was over we took a lot of pictures it was hard to leave, it was such a special moment. (See picture below).

Saturday, we had our last practice at the Richmond Curling Club, which was quite busy, with the Scottish, Norwegian & USA men’s teams practicing the same time we were.   There was much more media there and people watching our practices.   That night our team went to the Short Track Speed skating which was very thrilling to watch, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and trying to move with the speedy skaters.    We first watched the semi-finals 1500 M men’s short track , then the women’s short track relay, which is unbelievable that they don’t crash and how they do their hand off, then it was back to the 1500 m men’s final, which had my heart racing, the race goes so fast.    The USA won two medals, Apolo Ohno won the Silver Medal and J.R. Celski won the Bronze Medal, quite exciting for the USA!

Tomorrow is our big day to practice at our Olympic Curling Venue.

Chat with you soon ~ Tracy

Tracy Sachtjen at the Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

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