Hack Chat with Tracy Sachtjen, Fifth Player of the USA Women’s Olympic Curling Team

by Free Speech on February 12, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

February 11, 2010 ~ 1 Day until the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Tuesday, we had the morning off of training, so we slept in a little, hung out at our Penthouse Suite and relaxed.   Then teammate Allison and I decided to go for a run outside the Village and checkout Vancouver.    It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the mid – 40’s plus Vancouver has a great running path around the creek.   We saw many nice dining places and shops on our run.    Then we were off to breakfast at the cafeteria, it was so busy, I would have to say most of the athletes have to be at the village now.   We ended up sitting by other USA athletes and chatted with them a bit, it is great to hear about their sports and their training before they compete.

That afternoon the  team went to practice at the Richmond Curling Club in the afternoon, I ended up staying back at the village to do media shoot, a station was interested in photo shooting our patriotic room and checking out our scenic view.   I ended up meeting with the ladies at the curling club; we had a few meetings and off to dinner.   We were invited to have dinner at my friend Doris’ house, I met Doris years ago at World Championships in Switzerland and then she ended up marrying my high school coach.    It was so nice to hang out at a house and relax, have a great home baked dinner and to be able to taste test 3 delicious cakes.

Wednesday, was a busy day, practice again at the Richmond Curling Club and then off to pick up tickets and have lunch before our Press Conference.   The official Press Conference went well, the 5 of us ladies and Coach Wally sat up on a stage at table while the media could ask any one of us questions.   After that, each one of us walked around and had personal interviews.    After the Press Conference we were off to the Nike House, which was another unbelievable experience, we were welcomed with open arms and a big duffel bag full of gifts for each one o f us.    We were asked to try on the clothes and footwear in the duffel  to make sure they fit us, you can imagine the oooh’s and ahhh’s from each one of us,  we were spoiled again, but loving it.     Nike personnel then took us to the USA House to show us where it was, what it was all about and show us how to register.   The USA house is really neat, with many different activities to do while your there, I can’t wait till our families get to check it out.

We finally got back to the village in the early evening after the busy, busy day.   Natalie and I had to rush  off to a meeting, representing the men’s and women’s curling teams, with a representative from all other teams in Vancouver and conference call with the athlete representatives in Whistler to vote on our Opening Ceremony Flag Bearer.   After all of the voting our USA Flag Bearer will be 5-time Olympian Luge athlete Mark Grimmette.

Thursday was another busy day in the Village; we had a workout, practice at the Richmond Curling Club and more media.   Then we were off to the opening of the Proctor and Gamble House, all the USA athletes were invited to come and see all the neat accommodations they have for the athletes and their families.   The Proctor and Gamble house is a place for your families to go and feel at home and a place to meet up with the athletes.   Here is a little view of what they are offering: a Pringles Room with 24 flavors of Pringles – yummy, then a WII Room, a Spa Room, which definitely was a stop of mine, Pampers room for toddlers to play, place to drop off your laundry and pick it up in 24 hours, and lots of food and drinks.   My family is going to love this place, thank you Proctor and Gamble.

We also, had the USA Flag raising Ceremony at the Athlete Village in the evening.   All the USA athletes, coaches and staff gathered together and the ceremony was lead by Sandra Oh from Greys Anatomy.   I met the youngest USA athlete, Freestyle Skier Ashley Caldwell who is the same age as my daughter, 16; we got a picture taken together.    The ceremony was very festive and you can feel the excitement as we gathered with all the other USA athletes.

That was our past three days in a nutshell, I can’t believe tomorrow is OPENING CEREMONIES!

Chat with you later ~ Tracy

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1 Nichol Nelson February 13, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Hi Tracy,
The opening ceremonies were amazing. Good luck to you and your team this coming week. I came upon your blog because I have the word Pringles on a Google Alert; I am an inventor and have submitted a product to P&G for Pringles. It is great that P&G are such big supporters. I was also contacted Thursday by one of the Olympic Ski Team moms because she wanted to make 25 personalized flags for the friends and family of her daughter who will be competing on Feb 24th and 26th. Custom flags would have taken too long to order and I have a product called Create-A-Flag that lets anyone design and print their very own custom fabric flag right at home using any Inkjet printer in minutes. I am really honored that my product is going to be used at the Olympics for all to see. The kits come complete with an 8 1/2″ x 11″ printable fabric flag, sleeve and gold-speared flagpole. If you could spread the word they are available, that would be great; they are good for any sporting events. The United States Flag Store just put up really generous bulk pricing for the Olympics and they cost as little as $3.99 each. Just wanted to say hello, shamelessly plug my product and wish you the best of luck! It must be so exciting to be in the midst of all that competitive and positive energy. You can check out my flags here http://www.united-states-flag.com/create-a-flag-kit.html or see a demo at http://www.create-a-flag.com I’ll be watching and cheering for you and your team. Thanks Tracy!

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