Frequently Asked Questions about the Lodi Pool Project!!!!

by Free Speech on January 28, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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  1. Why does Lodi need a new outdoor pool?

An outdoor pool has been a long-standing part of the fabric of Lodi since the 1930’s.  The present pool does not meet state and federal codes.

2.  How much is the new pool going to cost?

$2.1 million

3.    Why is the new pool being built in the same location as the old pool?

This land is already owned by the city and has been the traditional location for the pool.

This location will give it high visibility within the community and to those driving by. 


  1. Are taxes going up?

We don’t anticipate that taxes will be needed to build the pool.


  1.  Why not spend more up-front for a larger pool?

The size exceeds what has been recommended for our community.

Past Lodi usage studies show the size is more than adequate.


5.   Why can’t the wading pool stay?

The new pool has a zero-depth entry with a wading area. This also makes it handicap accessible.

6.   Will there still be seating like there is now?

Yes, seating around the edge of the pool wall is being designed as well as other seating areas.


7.   How much more will the annual maintenance fees be for this new pool?

We expect that the current annual fees of $33,000 will increase to about $50,000.


8.  Who pays for maintenance?

Pool maintenance will come from the Parks Budget as in the past.  The “Friends of the Pool” may also assist in securing funds.

9.  Will it still be spring fed?

State standards do not allow pools to be spring fed.


10.  Will there be longer hours?

Operations will reflect the needs of the community.

11.  What about large groups?

Accommodations for large groups will be considered as time and dollars allow.

12.  Why does the old pool have to close?

Current federal and state code will not allow running our current pool.

13. Why not upgrade the old pool?

Building new is more cost effective.



14.  Who will run the new pool?

The Parks Commission and cooperative agreements with other partners.

15.   Is there going to be a charge for users or out of district users?

Historically Lodi has been known for its free pool and we hope to continue that tradition.

16.  How long will the current pool remain open?

It will be open all summer of 2013, closing before school starts.


17.  When will construction start for the new pool?

Construction will begin as soon as possible after the closing of the current pool with completion anticipated before the start of the 2014 swimming season.


18.  Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, since donations are to made payable to the City of Lodi/Pool Project, a tax-deductible entity.


19.  Where can donations be made?

Donors may drop off their checks at the Lodi City Hall or at any of our Lodi Banks.  A receipt will be given that will verify the tax-deductible contribution.


20.  Are there “naming-rights” in the pool area available for various levels of contributions by donors?

Yes, we plan to develop a schedule that will permit notoriety for some major donations.  Other recognition opportunities such as a Wall of Honor and paving bricks or tiles are being planned.


21.  Will there be a concession stand?

This is being explored.


22.  Are there changing rooms and bathrooms?



23.  Will there be competitive swimming?

The pool is designed for recreational use and will have fitness lanes.


24.  Will there be lighting for evening swimming?

The Pool will be open during daylight hours.


25.  Can anyone join the Pool Fundraising Committee?

Yes, we welcome the talents and energies of anyone who wishes to volunteer.  Please contact Rog Severson at 592-4038.


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