Foibles of Finney, pt. 4

by Free Speech on April 17, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI-4/17/09

by Lisa Fichter
“A Dog’s Best Friend”

I mentioned her earlier, Camille The Cat.  She had become very special to me in the first year of my life.  I considered her one of my best friends although I’m not sure the feeling was always mutual.  You see, I grew to be around 50 lbs that first year and sometimes I didn’t know my own strength.  Camille was an old cat that much I knew.  The Woman had adopted her from the Humane Society several years before I came to live with them and she was never sure how old Camille was.  The Woman said of Camille that she was a good girl who never, ever, caused anyone any trouble.  I hated to admit it but I had to agree. Read more…

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