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by wendysoucie on July 26, 2011

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Spring Creek Lodi WI Columbia County

Spring Creek Lodi WI Columbia County

The temperature and humidity dropped enough on Sunday to encourage a morning ride out of Lodi to the Eastern parts of the Arlington Prairie area.  Marshland, prairie, bubbling creeks, waterfowl conservation areas, our very own Gibraltar Rock and an ending view of Lake Wisconsin mark this ride.

Weather breaks

Gone was most of the humidity we have experienced the past week and it encouraged our crew to explore the less shaded areas found on roads on the Arlington Prairie area east of Interstate 39/90. We headed out at 7 am and I caught a crisp picture of Spring Creek off J just before I caught up with the other 3 riders in our group.


Mobile application to share bike map

In addition, I was also trying a new mobile phone application, Mapmybike,  that is creating maps of my bike rides with GPS location.  I can also take pictures through the application and it will both tag them to the map and send them to Flickr for online viewing. This will save me lots of time and allow me to share more of the fantastic bike rides in Columbia County, and specifically, our lovely and Scenic Lodi Valley.








Bike ride in pictures

For those of  you who like the more visual aspect of a bike ride, I used Imovie to bring my pictures together, exported to Youtube and then used the new audio swap feature on Youtube to add their available music. Pretty slick I think.  I hope you consider doing this ride in the future.

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