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by Free Speech on July 28, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Wendy Soucie sent us this great video about the Lodi Ag Fair, along with the following comment: “Each year I look forward to the fair and this year I wanted to be able to revisit when ever I like. This fair is special and our community is blessed by the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors who come back each year. Enjoy!”

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1 Lori Ripp July 28, 2010 at 3:18 PM

On behalf of the Lodi Ag Fair Board, thank you to Wendy for the great video and for all those who volunteered in anyway during the Lodi Ag Fair. After each fair, we hear wonderful stories from the events held. Some of them are those “life happens moments” you couldn’t have ever planned, but they sure bring a smile to your face.

This past January at the annual WI Association of Fairs convention, a couple of people who travel throughout the state evaluating fairs (and most are county fairs) told us, “Lodi Ag Fair, they have such a nice fair; they sure do it right in Lodi.”

The volunteerism and community spirit is what make our fair grow into a bigger success story every year. We are all very grateful for all your support.

And to the young girl who taught the family from Georgia how to milk a cow from start to finish and explained how the milk gets to their grocery store, you are the heart of our fair. God Bless you!

Thanks again!
Lori Ripp
Lodi Ag Fair Board

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