An open letter to my 17 year old

by Free Speech on May 26, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Every family should have an “Uncle Clarence”.  A farm where you would be sent as a teen when you screwed up to learn the value of hard work. Haying, milking cows, feeding and cleaning barns from sun up to sun down with payment of food and a bed.

School.  High School is a right. The country, administrators, teachers and family work hard to keep you in school until you get your high school diploma.  You have a choice to quit, but do not expect support from society as we are all paying to keep you in school until you graduate.    College or school beyond high school is a privilege.

It is your job to get accepted to the college of your choice.  We will support your full time college decision by paying your tuition and room and board.  All other expenses will be yours and you will need to work on breaks and in the summer to support those expenses.

Cars.  Owning a car is a privilege.  You are responsible for the purchase, insurance, upkeep and repairs at all times.

Insurance is a must.  Unfortunately Health insurance in this country is not a right yet, so it will be your responsibility to stay in school full time to remain covered by our insurance or you will need to find full time employment that offers it.

Computers, iPods, TV, cable, cell phones, etc.  Are all privileges!  Despite what you may think~  you will need to support your electronic habits on your own.

Choices and decisions.  In the next few years, you will have a ton of these… some good and some bad.    We have spent 17 years helping you to make the best choices and we hope that you always will.   You will always be welcome home when you need your home and your parents who love you.  But, remember, if you are healthy, you will need to support yourself and your privileges.

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