A Market, A Musing: Farmers’ Market Opens 4/23

by Free Speech on April 20, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

10th Anniversary Poster for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market

Excitement about the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market poster travels beyond the main streets of Lodi.  Gary N-ski and Carlyn Malzhan really pulled out all the stops to make the 10th anniversary poster outstanding!   A “fireworks of flowers” catches your eye for the beauty and excitement of nature’s palette. It’s just a snapshot of the beauty and bounty of the market for you to treasure.

One of my Sunday morning rituals is to stop by the Roxbury Tavern pick up my New York Times and grab a cup of coffee.   Tom Gresser owner of the Rox is a regular shopper at the market and has a collection Lodi Valley Farmer’s  Market posters prominently displayed.

My good friend Michelle Meier, in addition to grilling  the Roxbury Tavern’s famous blueberry pancakes, teaches the agriculture classes in the Lodi middle school. Between the pancake flips and coffee sips we often chat.

She is one outstanding teacher– 6th graders learn about going green and going local.   Michelle  introduces botony to her 7th graders and in 8th grade students have a horticulture, fruits and vegetable unit.  She asked for some market posters to distribute around the high school and middle school,

As a graduate of Lodi and now back as an educator she has a visual marker of her years of teaching.  Each year is marked by a permanent display of the Lodi Valley Farmer’s market poster.  Her classroom decor starts with  2007 poster and she is up to date with 2010.  She informed me she expects to collect at least 37 more in the future.   There is a goal to aspire to.

Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market season number ten opens on Friday April 23 at Market Park, Northern Edge 2-6 pm.  Regular vendors will be back with food and early bedding plants.  The standard rule of homegrown and homemade is amended to invite you to participate in the Lodi garage sale weekend.  Bring a table, bring your treasures to be recycled and bring $3 and the fun will begin. Season ten will continue many traditions and bring some new surprises.  Stay tuned.

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