A Market A Musing-6/28/10

by Gail Lamberty on June 29, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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The Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market is moving to the “village green” next to Koltes Do It Center (902 North Main) on Friday July 2nd. Same great vendors, same great fun–-just a new more convenient location for shoppers and vendors.

A village green is a common open area which is part of a settlement. Traditionally it was a common grass land at the center of a small agricultural settlement used for grazing and community events. Well, when the shoe fits we certainly can wear it.

Although the original intent of the green was for grazing cattle, I think we can offer you the opportunity of grazing the fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, honey and craft items. We had 22 vendors on site last week. Something for everyone, I would say.

Our vendors are more than pleased to have room to spread out. You our shoppers will have two entrances to choose from. The blacktop lot next to the market will be available to you, or parking in the back of the vendors on the grass is your other option. You can enter on the gravel drive to the south.

Let’s make it a real celebration at the market “village green” next to Koltes on main street Friday from 2-6.

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