2nd Lodi Area Community State Budget Forum Set for May 18th!

by Free Speech on May 16, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Public Invited to Learn More About Proposed State Budget

Most of us in the Lodi area are impacted by issues of health and education, regardless of our age. On May 4th, more than 30 people came together at the Lodi Town Hall to learn more about how these issues are addressed in the current state budget proposal. Chuck Pursell, Interim District Administrator for the Lodi School District, and Brynne McBride, Assistant Director of ABC for Health, shared information and responded to questions about the potential impact of budget items on life in the Lodi area. Bill Haupt moderated the ninety-minute session.

The public is invited to the second “Community Forum on the Proposed State Budget and Possible Effects on the Lodi Area,” which will take place on Wednesday, May 18, at 6:30 in the Lodi Women’s Club Library. Three topics will be on the agenda: Recycling, Water Quality, and Library Funding. Bill Casey, Director of the Columbia County Recycling and Waste Processing Facility, will speak about proposed budget items that address recycling. Ron Martin, retired DNR Water Specialist, will share information about items concerning water quality. Kristine Millard, Co-Director of the Lodi Women’s Club Library, will talk about the items related to library funding. The moderator for this forum will be Trish Priewe.

The goal of the forums is to provide education and information. Each forum will focus on two or three issues addressed within the budget. Speakers will briefly present the key points in the proposed budget relative to each issue. After the speakers share information there will be time for audience questions and discussion.

The community forums are being organized by Citizens Now, a group of concerned residents, and are offered at no cost. We encourage people of all ages, including youth, to take this opportunity to become informed about these important issues.

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