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If you are a bicycle rider and are looking to add some faster paced training to your riding consider coming to the 2010 LODI TUESDAY NIGHT TRAINING SERIES (TNT).  The Tuesday Night Training Series includes 10.1 & 11.2 mile Bicycle Time Trials and 5k & 10k Runs. You do not have to be a “racer” in order to participate –  just interested in a little friendly competition that might help you speed up your training.

Races are every Tuesday, informal and free of charge. Participants self time and we compile times so we can see how we are progressing over the course of the summer. There will be a couple special events too! If you are interested in getting updates in your email or thru your social media networking sites we have a few things setup to help.  Updates will be posted on the Yahoo Group “FRunners” group site at and soon our Facebook Page “Lodi Silent Sports” will be published for those who are active in that space.

All races are on open road courses and participants are requires to follow all safety and traffic rules. Everyone is required to wear a helmet and are responsible for their own safety including bike helmets, reflective clothing/reflectors/lights after dark, etc.

Meet at the public parking lot behind 218 Main St. at 5:30 PM. The Bike will start shortly after 5:30 PM with the run to follow around 6:45 PM once the last biker is ready to run.

In late Sept the bike part will end and the run will move to 5:30 PM and include a 5 & 10k route. The run will continue until the organizer (Joe Bainbridge) finds himself traveling to Lodi only to end up running alone, at which point we are done!

Special Dates:

  • May 4 – Series Start
  • June 22 – Record Night
  • June 29 – 5th Tuesday Handicap Night
  • August 24 – Record Night
  • August 31 – 5th Tuesday Handicap Night
  • Sept 21 – Record Night (Last Bike night)
  • Sept 28 – First Run only night

Course Records:

  • 11.2 TT Katie K 34:09/Joe B 29:10
  • 5k Run Hanna F 21:00/Nick C 22:00
  • Bike/Run Biathlon 11.2 TT/5k Run Katie K 56:39/ Joe B 52:07
  • 2009 Time Trial Queen (first place on Handicap night)    (not established)
  • 2009 Time Trial King (first place on Handicap night)     Bill B

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