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What is RSS?

RSS is “Really Simple Syndication”. It is basically a link from our website that feeds updated information to you. If you “subscribe” to our site through RSS, typically a bookmark will be placed in your web browser. To check out the website without visiting it, hovering over (or clicking on) this bookmark, will provide you with the titles of the last 10 posts. From there, you can just click on the link to the updated post. Really simple.

Can I contribute? How?

Yes, we welcome all voices and all writers, artists, students, politicians, candidates and anyone who has an interest in news and events pertaining to the Lodi Valley is invited to participate. We will accept submissions from current Lodians as well as expatriated (or geographically challenged!) residents. If you have some sort of vested interest in Lodi, we want to hear from you! Simply contact us through the Contact Form and we will coordinate publication of your article.

Have an idea for a story, but you’re not a writer?

Submit the idea through the Contact Form. If it is germane and has merit, we will work with you to get the story published.

What about images & video?

Great, we love them! They do have to be in good taste. No nudity, violence, cruelty or other insensitive material. Video files currently must be in the Flash format. (Sorry, it’s aWordpress issue, not ours.) Photos must be set to 72 resolution and maximum size in any direction is 600 pixels. That’s it!

Can I advertise my business here?

Yes, we accept ads. Rotational sidebar ads are $100 for 3 months. Size restrictions are as follows: 190 pixels wide by 110 pixels high, resolution of 72. All images must be formatted as a ,jpg, .png or .gif. Don’t have an ad? For a small fee, we can help with designing your ad. Contact Us for more information.

What about classified ads?

Coming Soon! We will be accepting classified ads. These ads are for personal items only. Check back soon for details.

Submit through the Contact Form.

A calendar would be nice!

Ask and ye shall receive! It’s here! Give us a shoutout with the contact form above and we will get you set up with a user id and a password so you can add your event(s).

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