Organization Gathers Signatures To Keep Wisconsin DNR On Track!!!

by Free Speech on April 18, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance has gathered over 1,200 signatures since March 19 on its petition to the Wisconsin DNR, entitled “Ensure a Conservation Future for Badger”.  The Alliance has issued a letter of thanks to its supporters and will present their signatures and accompanying comments to the members of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board during the 11:00 a.m. citizen participation segment of its regular meeting on Wednesday April 24, 2013, located at 101 S. Webster Street in Madison.


The Wisconsin DNR is currently preparing a Master Plan for the proposed Sauk Prairie Recreation Area (former Badger Army Ammunition Plant).  After a decade-long DNR commitment to a conservation future and “low-impact” recreation for Badger, the current DNR leadership is now considering “non-traditional” recreational uses such as off-road vehicles and high-powered shooting ranges.  The Natural Resources Board is responsible for approving DNR property Master Plans.


The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance urges the greater Sauk Prairie community to join us in reminding the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board of their commitment to conservation, restoration, sustainable agriculture and low-impact recreation that it adopted by proposing the values of the Badger Reuse Plan as the basis of its 2005 agreement with the National Park Service.  The Alliance believes that since this agreement enables the no-cost transfer of 3,800 acres of Badger land to the state of Wisconsin, its terms should be adhered to.


The full text of The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance “Thank You” letter can be read on the Alliance website at, or on the Alliance Facebook page.

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