Letter To The Editor……NO ATV’s In Badger….

by Free Speech on August 9, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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Dear Editor,


I am writing in support of the plan for the former Badger Munitions Depot that was developed by the Badger Reuse Committee.  The plan that they came up with was a cooperative effort by all stakeholders.  It emphasizes low-impact use, and protection of cultural and natural resources.


I strenuously object to opening this land to motorized off-road vehicles.  I have seen the destruction that irresponsible use of ATVs has wreaked on the land just west of Glacier National Park.  It was at the end of the season, and while we were waiting to rent 2 vehicles, a guy returned the ATV he had rented totally splashed with mud and minus a front fender.  The concession operator has to replace his vehicles nearly every year.  This is NOT the kind of use that the Badger Prairie should be subjected to.

This land is a wonderful prairie remnant.  And the soil is/was contaminated by the munitions manufacture.  You don’t want to be ripping up the plants and the (supposedly) remediated soil.  Please leave this land for hikers and birders and farmers and the animals and the Ho Chunk to manage sustainably. 


Judy Skog

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