Oh just “Duck It”…Or should I say “Cluck It”

by Free Speech on May 30, 2014

Lodi, WI~

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Again I saw the headlines in the Enterprise…….The Chicken/Bunnie Control Board has decided in Lodi Wisconsin you can now have five chickens and I believe five bunny rabbits.  And you must register your  chicken coops and bunny hutches at Lodi City Hall?  What about the DUCK?  The number of ducks  now  allowed in Lodi is a possible huge problem.  I stood at dawn this week at the Spring Creek Bridge  on Main Street peering down the stream…Oh My God ……14 Ducks were in downtown Lodi and very very close to City Hall.  The real issue is the DUCK…….If there are more than five ducks  can I shoot the other excess eight?  Hello I am from the government and I’m here to help you count your bunnies and hens and again waste time and resources on one more frivolous ordinance.  Ban the Beer Signs and now not 6 chickens or 6 bunnies ?  I’m mad as hell and just going  fishing in my Hobie kayaks……I have three but concerned the kayak control board from city hall may only allow me two……


Gary “The Shooter” N-ski

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