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MILWAUKEE, WI – Wolves are surrounded by truths and myths.  Did you know that by smell alone wolves can locate prey, other pack members or enemies?  And, that their keen sense of smell can even tell them if wolves were in the territory, if they were male or female, and how recently they visited?  Learn more about wolves at the Milwaukee County Zoo’s Wolf Awareness Day, Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Check out these interactive and fun activities at the Wolf Woods Log Cabin:

  • Watch the Zoo’s three timber wolves, which are not only mysterious but also intriguing animals, and listen to zookeepers discuss the different species of wolves, wolf behavior, wolf reintroduction topics, and how they take care of

our resident wolves.


  • Observe a daily routine for our wolves that includes their feeding (2 p.m.) and interacting with enrichment “toys” that keepers create to keep these animals active and encourage their natural behaviors and instincts.  (11 a.m.)


  • “Howl at the moon” as you show us your best wolf impersonation during the Howling Contest. Prizes will be awarded to the best adult and chil

2012 Wolf Awareness Day

Create and color a specially designed wolf picture ready to be displayed as a

keepsake from the day’s activities.


  • Touch and feel wolf and other North American animal artifacts on the Remains to be Seen Cart.


Each year, National Wolf Awareness Week takes place the third week of October.  This year, it will be held October 14 – 20, 2012, and encourages conservation efforts

not only for wolves, but for all wild species.

Visit the Zoo during the Wolf Awareness Day festivities to show your support of these important animals, and the significant role they play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

For further details on the Wolf Awareness Day activities, call the Zoo’s Public


Affairs and Services Division at 414.256.5466.


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