Buddy’s Tale

by Free Speech on January 29, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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By Lyn Lorenz

……..cold dark wet dark dark shiver moan whimper quiet…….wait wait snuffle grumble grumble hungry bitter berries bitter grass urp tummy belly belly Nooooo…..oh? oh? Man! Man! Kiss kiss kiss belly rub rub rub oooh! Oooh! Smile smile pet pet laugh! Laugh out Loud! Nice man…..kibble? Ymmmmm! Kiss kiss lick lick! Thank you! Thank yoooou!

……And the little black and gray speckled dog hesitantly jumped into the cab of the man’s truck, had to be persuaded that he couldn’t drive, then settled in with his nose tucked in behind the man’s back and didn’t wiggle until they stopped in the parking lot at the humane society.

Buddy and his buddy

Buddy and his buddy enjoy the outdoors

A few days later the man returned, and when he walked past the little dog’s kennel, a hoarse howl went out, “I’m here! I’m here!” Days after, the man brought a woman with him who gave the little ‘buddy’ some treats which he gently gobbled up despite refusing the many treats the kind people at the humane society put on his bed. When the man and woman went to leave the kennel room, an immediate eerie hush fell in the room of the dozen curious canines. As the door knob to the outside world turned, the little black speckled dog raised his muzzle in an unwavering pleaful howl, begging the humans to not leave him. The woman burst into tears, and with that, Buddy knew he had ‘em.
But what to do about the big territorial golden dog at home? How would she take to a usurper in her own domain? Sage advice from the wise ones at the Lodi Veterinary Hospital came at the critical time. Let the dogs smell one another on the human’s clothes after all visits to the humane society. Bathe the soon-to-be interloper in the golden dog’s shampoo and use her private beach towel to dry off. Bring the beach towel home to dry and be ‘examined’ by the home girl for a few days. And most of all, talk to the golden girl all the time and tell her the other dog’s story and how her Buddy needs a home, and wants to come and live with her and play and have fun and eat biscuits and chase squirrels, oh boy!
Then, on the well-planned day, let the intendeds meet on neutral ground, as in the veterinary hospital’s exercise yard, and suddenly, ‘Buddy’ has a face and a smell and a kiss for the big dog, and with the exception of the excited barkings of that meeting, the rest of the story is one of smooth transitions and amazement, karma and possible reincarnation, one to love and be loved by.
Not only did the little dog need a good home, the big dog really needed a good buddy too. Not only did the humane society want to find the right home for this little guy, but the humans also realized that their home needed to be needed. …And the full spirit of that need has settled onto the sandy hill where all four inhabitants can be found warmly snuggled together these bitter cold, two dog, winter nights of their content.

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1 Martha Dodge Alberti February 19, 2009 at 2:35 PM

What a lucky dog that little black and gray speckled dog. He knew a soft touch when he saw it. Sweet story.

2 Peg Ford February 6, 2009 at 10:30 AM

What a beautiful story! As one dog lover to another this story has a special place in my heart!

3 Editor January 30, 2009 at 7:53 AM

What a nice piece to warm the heart as I look out over the glacier that has slid in to our valley. Thanks Lyn

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